Tetrachromatic Dreams…

Tetrachromat Test
Image from Sceptical Science

Fascinating science tells us there is a woman who was tested who was a true Tetrochromat meaning she has 4 cones in her eyes and can see 99 million colors more than other people. I have an interest in this because I think I may also have tetrochromatic vision. For example when I do a color test I see much more than the average person.

Here is an article about that woman: Superwoman—with tetrachromatic vision—can see 99 Million more colors than anyone else (educateinspirechange.org)

Now I have not been tested officially but I can see more colors than the colors on this test. It is so fabulously fascinating. And my father was colorblind so this may mean I also may have the 4 cones instead of 3. Here is an article that shows a color test. Can you see what nobody else can see, are you a tetrachromat? • Skeptical Science (skeptical-science.com)

So colors are just beautiful and fascinating to me. I hope to see the colors of heaven when I get to go there one day. Everything related to color is of particular fascination to me, color, patterns, styles, texture, etc. 

I can even see some of the colors between these colors.  How exciting!


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