7 Beautiful Palettes That Will Inspire You To Create…

Hi Friends,

We love palettes. Why? Because if anything color palettes can inspire you to create. I love when painting just to have a palette of oil paint can be inspiration all on it’s own. Mixing colors together can surprise you with a hue of paint you never expected and bring a new element into your artwork. A photo that has inspirational subject matter and carefully chosen palette colors from the photo just triggers the brain to create. Choosing a hue from the colors associated with an image can be really fun!  Usually  a photo can inspire me to create such palettes for my own use.  I will share some of ours with you at no cost as long as you promise to create something wonderful with them. Shop now to add them to your cart for FREE or just right click and save as to the folder you want at no charge of course. Here are a few to start with!  Right click to save them!


Purple Nebula
A beautiful purple nebula made of purple clouds, stardust and perhaps even a few stars.

More to come soon…thanks for visiting!

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