Royalty Free Standard License

Bright Soul Graphics Standard License

If you have purchased an item from us please abide by our license. Licenses are subject change but we understand some situations make it difficult to abide by the license change.

Please contact us if you run into any issues.

You may use this in your projects without paying royalties to us.

You may not sell this product by itself or offer it as a free download.

You may add this product to your sets but do not sell as is if it is not in a set (unless modified). Please give credit whenever possible.

Please make some change to the file before selling whenever possible, if for example, change the color, use it to make a new texture, a new image, etc.

Please do not sell this in it’s original state unless it is part of another creation.

If using in a game as a texture for the ground, an object or 3d item you do not need to change the file but please give credit if possible.

Do not make this file part of any “free” download or downloadable set. It must be modified to become yours before selling.

This file is for Personal and Commercial Use and no attrition is needed but we ask that you will change the file somehow to make it yours whenever possible.

We understand some situations may not easily fit into giving attrition but here are some examples of our way of getting appreciation back from you:

Scrapbooking: Please add Bright Soul Graphics in your read me or credits if possible. No free downloads of the original item.

You may use it if it is a texture in a new product offered for free as long as the texture itself cannot be stolen from the product.
Example: An alphabet using one of our textures as a freebie on your site is ok.

Video: Please add in the final credits whenever possible.

Print: Please add BrightSoulGraphics in the final copy whenever possible.

Merch: No Royalties are due, you may use unlimited, Please give credit whenever possible on packaging.
Example: If it’s directly printed on a t-shirt, bag, phone case, etc. then no credit is needed on the item.

If you do give attrition please use:

Bright Soul Graphics
Kimberly A. Stevens
Virginia Beach, VA

Web: Copy and Paste The following code for attribution:
Graphics by <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Bright Soul Graphics</a>

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“Bright Soul Graphics” is also known as Kimberly A. Stevens
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